Global Connections Conference

globalConferenceLogo2016 colorThursday, October 13, 2016

South Central College - North Mankato Conference Center

Starting at 8:30 a.m.

The 2016 South Central College Global Connections Conference will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about global topics and a wide variety of cultures from around the world. This year’s culture of focus is Somalia, which will be highlighted in events throughout the conference. All conference events are free, with the exception the Somali Cuisine Lunch and the evening performance by the Somali Museum Dance Troupe.

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Featured Performance!  
($5 for students, $6 for non-students at SCC Bookstore)

The Somali Museum Dance Troupe:   7:00 pm | Conference Center


Summary: The Somali Museum Dance Troupe studies and perform traditional dances from around Somalia.  The type of performances this troupe does is a collection of traditional Somali dances called Shirib, dhaanto, Jaandheer, and Saylici. Most of these dances represent love and are dances that are danced at weddings and holidays events.  Their presentation also includes a Somali poet, as well as a collection of the museum artifacts on display during the 90 minute performance.

Keynote Presentation 
Dr. Abdi Samatar - 8:45 am to  9:50 am | Conference Center

Abdi Ismail Samatar

Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, Samatar was a lecturer at the University of Iowa. He later joined the University of Minnesota's faculty, serving as a professor of geography and chair of the institution's geography department.

He has authored several books centered on democracy and development in the Horn of Africa and the developing world. In 2000, his non-fiction work An African Miracle was a finalist for the year's Herskovits Prize.

In Spring 2003, Samatar was the Chair of the Harmonization Committee of the Somali Charter: Somali Reconciliation – Independent Committee.

In 2013–2014, he also served as the President of the African Studies Association. Additionally, he has been a frequent guest or contributor at various international media outlets, including Voice of America, PBS, Al Jazeera, the BBC, Radio France International, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, TV Channel 5 and Somali TV Minneapolis.

Conference Sessions (Free and Open to the Public)
The following sessions run concurrently, so you can select the ones that most interest you.


  1. Growing up Undocumented
  2. LGBTQIA Individuals around the World
  3. Literature of Diaspora: Stories of Migration and Immigration
  4. Deforestation and Urbanization in Ethiopia

***Somali Cuisine Lunch Served 11:00 am - 1:00 pm in Heritage Hall: $8 per person (Menu at bottom of this page)***
11:00-11:50 am

  1. Agricultural Growth in Vietnam
  2. How Could This Happen: Psychology Behind the Holocaust 
  3. Diversity in Africa:  Panel
  4. Bridges to Understanding Somali Culture

12:00-12:50 pm

  1. Domestic and International UAV (Drone) Applications and Demonstration 
  2. Diversity, Community and Entrepreneurship:  The Coffee Hag          
  3. Intercultural Simulation Game:  Bafa Bafa 

1:00-1:50 pm

  1. Discuss Immigration with District Court Judge    
  2. UAE: The Intersection of Ancient and Modern Worlds                                         
  3. South Central College to South Africa and Back   

2:00-2:50 pm

  1. Buddhism in Thailand and Cambodia
  2. Travel to Costa Rica
  3. Global Collaboration in Business/MTU Onsite Energy
  4. Learn Dakota!

3:00 pm Empowering Thailand: World Film Premier
In November 2015, a young couple from Minnesota makes a life-changing move to Thailand with only backpacks and dreams in tow. Thomas Keller and Yesenia Garza, along with a local filmmaker, travelled to the northern hill regions of Thailand to document traditional methods of production for their newly formed social enterprise, As I Wood. As I Wood supports local Thai artisans who create sustainable goods that are then sold here in Minnesota.

4:00 pm  Boarding School Experiences:  Marginalization and Misconceptions
In this presentation, Stanley Charging (White Buffalo) and Verdell Thunderhouse, enrolled members of the Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota, will share their experiences growing up on the reservation, attending boarding school, and educating others about the misconceptions and marginalization of Native Americans.

7:00pm Somali Museum Dance Troupe Performance

Global Conference T-shirt photo2016 Global Conference T-Shirts are now available in the SCC bookstore. They were specially designed for the SCC Global Conference by Somali artist, Ifrah Mansour.

Global Connections Conference Background
The South Central College Global Connections Conference is an event held every other year on college’s campus in North Mankato.  The theme and title of the conference are one and the same: Global Connections in Southern Minnesota.  This broad theme is meant to attract people from all disciplines, areas, and interests (arts, sciences, sociology, business, etc.) to participate in and benefit from the conference. The conference offers concurrent sessions so that conference-goers can choose based on interest, but several keynote speakers will bring everyone together.  Global Connections is an opportunity to make connections between people & cultures, to create awareness and understanding, and to realize that we are all on this globe together, so let's work together!


Somali Lunch Menu

  • Hilib Ari Isku Duug (braised goat in spices and tomato)
  • Zaatar chicken
  • Sambuus
  • Cambuulo iyo Maraq (rice with adzuki beans in a spicy tomato sauce)
  • Bariis Iskukaris (Somali rice with spices)
  • Lime yoghurt and coriander chilli sauce


  • Garow (Sorghum salad)
  • Cumin and walnut lentil salad
  • (Insalaaddo Digir) Fava and Chickpea salad
  • Anjero bread


  • Date, cardamom, and banana smoothie
  • Shaah Adays (Somali spiced tea with milk)


  • Sabaayad Pudding ( umm ali)
  • Sweet dumplings ( Luqaimat)
  • Somali Halwa (Xalwa)
  • Coconut Candy (Kashata)
  • Semolina Halwa
  • Somali crystalized pastry shells (Shusumow)